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Global recession

March 19, 2009

This photo essay from the Boston Globe, courtesy of the always-interesting Nancy Nall, cries out louder than most news stories I’ve read about the recession and its global impact. I was particularly pained by the empty Rocky Mountain News offices and a technicolor wasteland of newspaper vending machines. Having spent a lot of my life in newsrooms, which are rarely quiet or empty, those were particularly poignant for me. (It would appear I’m already deadened to the sight of entire families living out of hotel rooms…)

Are we really just a few up days on the Dow from reversing the downturn? If we are, will we have learned anything?

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More stupid things happening in my backyard

March 18, 2009

imagesI suppose that, in a pinch (or when completely sloshed), one uses whatever one has at hand:

Man charged with using deer antlers to assault girlfriend.

This, of course, could only happen in a state that for years had an official deer hunting school holiday…

Oh. Sorry for the absence. I’ve been hammered at work. I’m back.