Metafootnotes: Books. Shoes. Music. The Web. What else is there?

I am a middle-aged, middle-class, middle-brow writer, reader, wife and mother languishing in a dusty corner of the Great American West. I have spent several years lurking online, but I’m ready to join the conversation. I just hope I have something to say.

If you’re wondering why I veil my identity (or anonoblog, as it’s known), well, just see this post.

I came to blogging by a curious route. The first blog site that I read regularly was Terry Teachout’s About Last Night, which includes his Wall Street Journal theatre reviews and interesting comments on theatre and the arts. I then linked into some of his favorite art- and book-related sites, and decided to put up my own book blog, metaFootnotes. Only it quickly took on a life of its own. I found I was interested in and challenged by a lot more than books. The midlife part of it came after I posted a plea on Blogher looking for other midlife bloggers, a happy experience that helped engender ByJane’s new MidlifeBloggers. And it continues to change. I’m even considering a second blog.

Look for posts on books, American culture, middle age, thrift shops, shoes, family, politics, religion and maybe even the occasional rant if I’m irritated enough.

Thanks for stopping by!


7 Responses to “About”

  1. TPP Says:

    Thanks for your nice comments and the link to the results of the Well blog contest. I enjoyed reading your favorites and wanted to let you know that the “Don’t let the silly boys bother you..” advice is among my favorites as well!! Keep blogging.

    Tara Parker-Pope

  2. msmeta Says:

    Tara Parker-Pope of the freakin’ New York Times read my blog! I have arrived!!

  3. Tracie Says:

    After months of wondering where all the midlife bloggers are, I was directed to midlifebloggers.com, which then led to your wonderful writing.

    May I add your blog to my blogroll?


  4. msmeta Says:

    Oh, Tracie, please do! Thanks! I’m looking forward to checking out your site as well!

  5. Jane Becker Says:

    Thanks for the compliment – and right back at you.


  6. Laurel Says:

    Great blog! I just stumbled across you on LDS BLOGS. My husband and I just built a website (MormonsMadeSimple.com) which uses simple, explanatory videos to explain the Mormon faith. Feel free to embed one of our videos in your blog, if you think it would be a good missionary tool.

    Laurel & Doug

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